Stilton Table Tennis Club

This popular club meets in Stilton Pavilion every Monday and Tuesday evening and attracts players of all ages and all abilities, from ‘just for fun’ to serious competition.

Financial support from Sport England has enabled the club to offer six tables (one of tournament quality) and to provide professionally-trained coaching. Plenty of scope for ambitious players!

The club is open to everyone from 12 years of age.
Dedicated Juniors sessions enable focussed coaching to help young players develop their skills rapidly.

For those with free time during the day, or who work unsociable hours, the club also offers Monday afternoon sessions, which have attracted a thriving and welcoming group of players.

An after-school club for years 5 and 6 is planned and free ‘taster’ sessions with coaching are available.

For more information about the Stilton Table Tennis Club, please contact Steve Ambler on (01733) 242156 or email to