Stilton Carpet Bowls Club


Carpet Bowls was devised as a scaled-down version of indoor bowls suitable for playing in small halls.

Being such an easily accessible, all-year-round sport, it flourishes in many rural areas, particularly in the North East and Eastern England, and is an important part of the community activities of many villages around the country.

Like other bowls disciplines, the principal aim of the game is to deliver your 'wood' (the bowling ball) closer to the 'jack' (the target ball) than your opponent. The game is played on a mat about 10 metres long. All bowlers use the same woods; this avoids the need for players to purchase equipment themselves, making it an inexpensive sport to take up.

But just like other forms of the game it can also be extremely competitive, with strategy and tactics playing an important part of the enjoyment. You get mental stimulation as well as gentle exercise!

Importantly, it's a sport for all. Male, female, young or not-so-young, less able-bodied; all can play on an equal footing.


There are many reasons to play with the Stilton Club.

  • A friendly and sociable club. Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced player you can be assured of a warm welcome. We always include a break during sessions for a cuppa and biscuit and just to enjoy a good chat!
  • Excellent facilities. The club enjoys the outstanding facilities of Stilton Pavilion.
  • A winning team. The club has an impressive track record in its league competitions, so players of a competitive nature have plenty of scope to reach a high standard.
  • Excellent support from experienced players. This is an essential ingredient in welcoming new players. Everyone had to start at some time and even our top players are happy to coach and support others at every level of skill.
  • Play at every level. Whether you want to play competitive league bowls or just play socially for the fun and company, the Stilton club is ideal for you.

About Beginning

The best way to see if Carpet Bowls is for you is to come and try it! So the club makes it easy for you:

  • No financial outlay for equipment. The Club provides all the equipment required.
  • Your first three sessions are completely FREE. Thereafter it costs just £3 a session
  • You will get advice and guidance from your very first session

About Membership

Club sessions are held at The Pavilion on Monday afternoons, 2 to 4pm all year round. During the competition season (September - April) we also have a Thursday evening club night from 7:30 to 9:30pm.

Annual Membership costs just £10 after the free taster sessions.

Get in Touch

For more details contact Scott (01733 242409), Richard (01733 241028) or