Advertising in SCAN

Why advertise in SCAN?

Because it's a very cost-effective way to put your business in front of every household in Stilton, Folksworth and the surrounding hamlets - about 3500 people. And unlike the rather 'impersonal' character of online advertising, advertising in community newsletters conveys a more committed and trustworthy impression that prospective customers appreciate.

Most unsolicited flyers go straight into the recycling, but we know that SCAN is eagerly awaited every month, is read from cover to cover, and usually sits by the telephone until the next issue arrives.

New housing developments are bringing 250 new families to our village. They'll be looking for local businesses for their needs. So where will they be looking? In SCAN of course! That's why we're making sure that our new neighbours will find a SCAN on the mat when they move in.

How to advertise in SCAN

We can be pretty flexible about how you get your advertising requirements to us, but the form below may help. It goes direct to the Advertising Manager.

Before you contact us please note the following:

  1. You must provide a contact address and telephone number
  2. Payment is required in advance unless specifically agreed otherwise. No pay = no display!
  3. Position in the issue is not guaranteed, unless specifically agreed otherwise. (Premium rate may apply.)
  4. The advertiser indemnifies SCAN from any liability concerning the content of the advertisement. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that any material (eg images or trade logos) in your advert is free of copyright or licensing restrictions.
  5. Deadline for a guaranteed insertion is the 10th of the preceding month.
  6. SCAN usually lands on doormats during the first week of the month, but this cannot be guaranteed. If you have an event or promotion early in a month, you should ensure that your advert appears in the preceding month’s issue. (Example: if your event occurs in the first week of September, we need your instructions by the 10th July, to appear in the August issue.)

Your Instructions: