Stilton & District Twinning Association

Twinned with St Christol lez Alés

St. Christol is a village deep in the south of France on the edge of the dramatic hills and gorges of the Cévennes. It has a long history; in the past there were bitter religious struggles in the region. The former mining town of Alès is nearby, but today it is part of an important agricultural area and produces excellent wine. The village has three primary schools and a hotel. It lies close to a major north-south route (though not as close as Stilton!) So you can see that there are some interesting similarities and differences between our two villages.

Doing work experience in St. Christol was a fantastic experience, full of friendly and helpful people. I spent two weeks working at the St. Christol Primary School and creche, which improved my French and enabled me to meet up with old friends again.”

The twinning was made official at a ceremony in the mairie of St Christol lez Alès in July 1997. One year later the impressive Charter was signed in the courtyard of the Bell Inn at Stilton. Ten years later in July 2007 and July 2008 the 10th anniversary of the Charter signing was celebrated by visits to our respective villages. 2017 and 2018 saw special celebrations of our 20th anniversary.


If you want to become part of this vibrant and friendly organisation, please contact Chris Walford on (01733) 241376.

The Twinning Association is a very active organisation in both villages. A regular programme of visits and cultural exchanges is supported by popular fund-raising events such as Quiz Nights which attract a good turnout from members and non-members alike. Proceeds are used to subsidise exchanges and work-experience opportunities for young people in each others’ villages.

Exchanging houses with a French family with five teenaged children that we had never met before might have been a disaster! However, we had a great time …. Our house and garden were spotless when we returned …. and since then the family have become good friends! A great success!”

Celebrating 20 years of a thriving Anglo-French Twinning Association