SCAN – The Stilton Community Association Newsletter

A packed publication of news, views and activities in and around Stilton and Folksworth

SCAN is assembled and edited by a small team of hard-working volunteers and delivered free each month to every household in Stilton, Folksworth, Denton and Caldecote (around 1600 copies reaching over 3500 people). The latest issues of SCAN may be downloaded from this page. Click the cover image to open *. To submit material for publication in SCAN, please contact the Editor at

To advertise in SCAN, please see the Advertising in SCAN page.

* For ease of downloading and use, these online SCAN editions do not include the commercial advertisements and are provided in Adobe Acrobat pdf format. If you don’t have an Acrobat viewer already installed on your PC, you can download one from the Adobe website.

In September 2018 SCAN reached an unbroken run of 400 issues. Our District Councillor commented:

My first memory of SCAN is seeing a copy which had been left on a kitchen worktop in the house we moved into in July 2000; I found it a reassuring indication that my family and I were going to live in a village with a sense of community. Some years later I joined the SCAN delivery team and although I am no longer involved, I always read it, I've used local businesses who advertise in it and am grateful for the opportunity to report back to residents on my work as a District Councillor. Congratulations on the publication of the 400th edition and best wishes for the next 400!

Councillor Tim Alban

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