Stilton Playing Field

About the Playing Field

After many years without secure use of a permanent sports field, in 2005 Stilton Parish Council purchased the freehold of the current field at the southern end of the village. Since then, a continuing programme of development has been progressively creating an excellent long-term asset for the whole community. An outstandingly sucessful village project has now created a modern multi-purpose sports pavilion on the site. Opened early in 2017, it provides excellent facilities for indoor and outdoor sports and other activities. More about Stilton Pavilion.

Rules of the Playing Field

  • Bicycles must not be taken onto the field. (This is to protect the surface. It is suggested that cyclists invest in a cycle lock so that they can leave their bikes just inside the field gate with confidence.)
  • No motor vehicles, except for contractors’ vehicles.
  • No overnight stays
  • No dogs, horses, or other large animals
By Order of Stilton Parish Council
The official opening of Stilton Playing Field in 2007

Stilton Skate Park

Stilton SK8z’ first JAM at the Stilton All-Wheeled Facility 2009

April 2009 saw the official opening on the site of an All-Wheeled Facility – aka a skate park! This project was an outstanding example of what can be achieved by an enthusiastic and hard-working group of young people supported by adult advisors. Together, they raised funding and project managed the entire exercise. The project has even been visited by other community groups seeking to follow Stilton Sk8z’ example.

Stilton Sk8z held their first JAM on the 17th October 2009. Sponsored by the Twinning Association, they ran four competitions and prizes were awarded to Karl Kennedy (Yaxley), Chris Alban (Stilton), Luke Spoon (Yaxley), & Mikey Raucci (Stilton).

District Councillor Peter Mitchell, who had played a key role in the project, said:

Ian Parmenter and myself were in attendance – mainly to carry off the injured! But we were not needed; the only job that I did was to hand out the awards. But the real winners are the residents of Stilton: this event was organised and run by the youths themselves. Well done Stilton Sk8z.